Unique, stylish, and a bit boho, the beautiful Arabesque-inspired, and embroidered placemats, have a distinct heirloom quality (slightly rumpled look - love!) about them. Timeless and elegant, the placemats are a conversation starter and a swoon-worthy accent to any table setting. The pockets serve as the perfect nooks to show case some lovingly passed-down heirloom silverware.


  • Small Batch. Handcrafted in USA

Heirloom Olive - Placemat with Flatware Pocket

PriceFrom $39.99
  • Cream colored cotton and olive thread embroidery adorn the placemats and silverware pockets. Heavy and textured embroidery throughout the front of the placemat. Completely lined in unbleached cream-colored cotton. Being that each placemat is carefully handcrafted, the design/look and cut of fabric may differ slightly from one another. The embroidery placement and look of the pocket will also be slightly different on each pocket.

    Set of 4 placemats (horizontal lower bottom embroidered pocket)

    Set of 6 placemats (vertical embroidered pocket)