Celebrate eating outdoors with a backyard cookout, or a picnic on a blanket in the neighborhood park! As a child growing up in Italy, I remember my parents looking for the perfect shaded, and grassy spot, in Rome, Italy’s, Parco La Pinetta. These fun flatware pouches, are named after my beautiful and vibrant mum and take me back to my family’s weekend picnics enjoying good food and outdoor fun in the sun. These easy-to-clean, and totally reusable flatware pouches, are bright and cheerful and will ‘up’ your outdoor dining game, or picnic credentials - by a lot! Here’s a thought: On your next outdoor outing, ditch single-use plastic cutlery and pair the Ghada pouches with reusable bamboo flatware! 


  • Small Batch. Handcrafted in USA

Flatware Pouch - Ghada

PriceFrom $18.99
  • Bright orange with white and black contemporary design. Design/motif will vary from each pocket. Outdoor fabric, slightly stiff.