An ode to the vast, diverse, and wonderful, country of U.S.A, and it’s distinctly red, white, and blue-colored flag. I’m as much a dreamer as I’m a doer, and my recent move with my family to the U.S. has allowed me to continue to dream big. I’ve received tremendous support and encouragement to pursue my creativity and aspirations from: family, new friends, and other business women. Blessed and grateful for the opportunity. 


  • Small Batch. Handcrafted in USA

Bottle Bag - USA

  • Blue, white, and red-striped seersucker fabric. Lightweight and supple, but sturdy and roomy enough to hold many things including: 750 ml – 1 L bottles. The inside of the reusable bag is lined with dark blue fabric. Wide red handle with a U.S. star-spangled inspired trim. Comes with a detachable decorative hand painted wooden star pendant on a stiff brown leather lace.