Having travelled several times to the breathtaking countries of Malaysia and Thailand, I knew that I would have to, one day, also experience mystical Japan. Until I’m able to fulfill my dream of going there, I’ll imagine myself being at a beautifully curated Japanese garden reflecting on all my blessings. Use it to gift someone special a bottle of Sake, or turn it into an impromptu, and very original, centerpiece vase.   


  • Small Batch. Handcrafted in USA

Bottle Bag - Japan

  • Shibori design. Cream, black, and grey colored cotton fabric. A unique white handmade Asian-inspired natural clay pendant is looped on the front with black cotton thread. Thin black piping and a sturdy black handle. Spacious enough to carry a 750ml - 1.5 L bottle. Pattern of fabric will vary from bag to bag. The inside of the bag is fully lined.