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Zaytinya, Frisco, TX.

Contemporary Mediterranean Vibe. Great Service and Many Standouts.

Great tasting hummos with meat

Don’t you love a restaurant that places as much thought on their food as they do on their interior design? Serene nautical blue hues and Mediterranean-inspired decor greet you as soon as you enter and visually transport you somewhere to the Med. Freshly baked and puffed up pillows of khuboz (Arabic bread) is offered with a dipping dish of great tasting olive oil. The menu was simple and mostly mezze style. We ordered: kibbeh, shish tawouk, chicken shawerma, hummos bil lahem, adana kabab, and fried squid. When the food arrived, our collective thought was…wow, there’s not much food on each dish! The quantities, relative to the prices, were definitely not balanced. The standouts were the chicken shish tawouk (one very small skewer) and the hummos. The chicken was nicely seasoned and relatively juicy. The hummos, especially the meat, was nicely spiked with a rainbow of earthy Middle Eastern spices. The kibbeh (shell) unfortunately was rubbery, like it was made in a food processor instead of a meat grinder, and was overwhelmingly sweet. The meat in the adana kabab was also probably overworked and not as tender and flavorful as a good kabab should be. The chicken shawerma sandwich and fried squid were kind of unmemorable. The overall service and presentation of the food was very good and there were a couple of standouts but also a few dishes that needed further tweaking in the kitchen!

Straight from the oven khobuz with fragrant olive oil

Shish tawouk, kubbeh, calamari and kabab

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