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Shrak Bread, Burrito's Cousin, Maybe?

Shrak bread has to be one of my favorite breads of all time because of its versatility in use and somehow I feel less guilty when I eat it. Shrak bread is a popular Arabic traditional bread that is made paper-thin and baked on a "markook" or "saj" - a hot iron griddle which kind of looks like an upside down wok. The dough is unleavened and usually made with white or whole wheat flour, water and salt. The end result is a large almost translucent and malleable flatbread, that can be filed with deliciousness like shawarma, halloumi cheese, falafel, and so on. The "saj, or shrak"bread is an amazing 'vessel' for any stuffing that needs to be folded in {like a burrito} and pressed and toasted to a perfect mix of crunch and chewiness! This is Cozmo's bakery in Jordan which also happens to churn out freshly baked kaak {sesame seed bread} and cheese and zatar manaqeesh! Love how the baker makes shrak bread-making look easy - not!

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