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Excited to Launch my Handcrafted and Unique Home Decor & Tableware Line

After nearly a year in the making, and after plenty of excitement, self-doubt, creative inspiration, and loads of resourcefulness, I'm ready to share with you (the world) my line of home decor. Everything is handcrafted and reflects my years of traveling the world and my love for all things 'home.' Getting here was not easy, especially with the pandemic, my creative juices flowed, ebbed, and halted. I definitely did a lot of pivoting but, and regardless of all the curveballs thrown my way, I enjoyed the process. Like all life experiences I learned a lot and know I have a lot more still to learn.

Some of you may be confused about my product launch because the Good Taste Lama has been all about food, but I hope you'll understand and support me in my way forward. Food is still in the picture but it's more about hospitality and what makes a home your "home." I love a nicely decorated table and my handmade cutlery pockets, colorful placemats with fun cutlery pockets, and chopstick pockets, will surely add a pop of something new! Please come support me at the Boho Market on Sunday, December 6, 2020 from 11-5 at the Grandscape, the Colony, TX.

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