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I owe my love of food to my parents. They’re both very comfortable in a kitchen and around food. My dad prepares several dishes that are always in high demand at family gatherings, and my mum, well…she’s just intuitively food-perfect. Everything she prepares is delicious.


I didn’t learn how to cook by osmosis, because my mum didn’t like to have anyone help her in the kitchen. It was more of a ‘learn-by-taste’ situation. Now, I find myself being my mum and preferring to work in the kitchen by myself without distractions and having to field well-intentioned questions like, “Is this olive oil? How much salt should I put? How high should the heat be?”


Then there’s the culture. Hospitality is in every Arab’s genes, and being Palestinian, I instinctively want to feed people. It can’t be helped, or stopped. For me, a meal is more than what we eat – it’s an integral part of what builds cultures and brings people together. Good food imbues life with richness!


My start in the food business began several years ago in San Francisco, USA, where, under the tutelage of an incredibly talented (and patient) pastry chef, I learned the intricate art of pastries and cake decorating. I excitedly used that know-how to open a business but realized that I found more joy in making food that was unfussy and unpretentious.


I was blessed to have lived in six countries and travelled to countless others, but I spent the most time living in Italy and Jordan. Though the two countries are completely different from each other, both cultures have a VERY HAPPY and healthy relationship with food! So, even though I’ve experienced diverse cuisines, I’m inevitably drawn to my Middle Eastern heritage and its’ prep/spice heavy kitchen, just as much as I’m drawn to more simple, but flavorful, Mediterranean fare.     


My food shares are an eclectic collection of exactingly tested, and intuitively reimagined recipes, inspired by my upbringing, personal likes (sorry fennel lovers no fennel recipes here!) and all the incredibly diverse cultures and local foods I experienced. I like to use ingredients I trust (organic when possible) and create food that I feel good about eating and sharing. I can drool over an imaginative salad and prefer eating healthy, but I have little willpower when it comes to eating, or making a good dessert!


I’m also always on the lookout for ‘the restaurant,’ that offers good food at reasonable prices, in a nice setting. So far this utopic Middle Eastern and Mediterranean restaurant has been pretty elusive to find, but I’ve found quite a few special ones that I will share with you, and since taste is so subjective, I would love to hear your thoughts on my picks and reviews, so let me hear it and let’s compare notes! If I have one tip for anyone new to cooking, it’s: herbs and spices are your friends and SEASON YOUR FOOD!

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