“Self-conceptions are powerfully limiting. If you think of yourself as only one thing, then you have access to only one set of experiences, and one set of potential accomplishments.” Malcolm Gladwell

About Me



I’m always creating, thinking, dreaming, hoping, and doing. Thinking of making something, and bringing that vision to life, gives me joy and fuels my today and tomorrow.


I’ve been blessed to have travelled to many countries, and to have lived in six! All the awe-inspiring life experiences are reflected in my food, home, and ultimately, all that I make, or is part of the Good Taste Lama. By the way, I’m Lama, so hello to anyone who’s reading this! 


I’ve always thought of myself as enterprising too. When I was about 8-years old, I started making these plastic earrings, and was so enthralled by my own work, that I thought it would be a great idea if I shared my ‘masterpieces’ with others. I asked my worldly diplomat dad to sell my delights to his United Nations coworkers. My dad (being the nicest and most supportive person ever) took my earrings to work (supposedly) and returned: sans earrings, with a sum of money, and a whole bunch of purported rave reviews for my earrings. Way to not crush a little girl’s dreams! Blessed to have such loving parents, thank you God.

I went on to start different creative ventures all on my own and really enjoyed the process of creating, succeeding, and at times failing – all love and learning. My love to create, and share unique and beautiful things, trumped my naiveté and I resolutely stood by the words: nothing ventured, nothing gained. With nothing more than creative passion to guide me, I opened a flower/wedding events store, designed and sold contemporary sterling silver jewelry, produced eye-catching window displays, developed beautiful handmade boxes and bags for retail stores, and, ventured into the artistic, and sweet world, of edible decorations.

Good Taste Lama.jpg

Years later, I found myself circling back again to the things I love: home, travel, creativity, family, and food. Food, and everything that centers around the ‘home’ has always been linked to happy memories, and though it’s cliché, food, and the art of being hospitable, is my language of love. The saying that hospitality is hard-coded into the Arab way of life, (I’m Palestinian) is very true! 


Untethered by my imagination, and driven by the desire to continue seeking creativity as a life practice, I began to excitedly share my food on social media as the curly-haired ‘Good Taste Lama.’  I also found myself wanting to go beyond sharing pictures of my food and wanting to create other things in my own voice, inspired by my life journey and world cultures, that celebrate the home and bring joy and warmth to the spaces around us. 


With each day a gift, and with many stories worth telling, I began to design and create artful and whimsical cultural home goods and unique table placemats and cutlery pockets, all - original, handcrafted, and in small batches - as a gracious reminder that life is to be embraced and not rushed. I hope that what I make sparks joy in you as much as it did for me! Here’s to all that makes a home a home, and to bringing global joy and individuality into your daily life. Alhamdulillah.